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Join us for an exciting in-person event at California State University San Marcos! Get ready to be inspired as we celebrate the power and resilience of Native American women. This event will showcase Episode 3 of the second season of the popular PBS series NATIVE AMERICA. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and honor their stories. Mark your calendars and join us or an unforgettable experience!

Panel discussion and Q&A with Arigon Starr (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma), Betty Osceola (Miccosukee Tribe), Jennifer Johns (Diné), Paige Bethmann (Mohawk/Oneida).

NOVEMBER 1, 2023 @ 6:00 PM



FREE Parking

 (first come-first served) 

available on the

6th Floor of Parking Structure 1

Women across NATIVE AMERICA are leading, innovating, and inspiring.  They are building on a proud legacy of Indigenous women’s leadership that stretches back to time immemorial.  Even as European kings and nations sought patriarchal dominion over the “New World,” Native communities continued to prioritize women as goddesses, healers, and leaders. And to this day, Native women remain a central force in their communities and beyond, and increasingly serve as a guiding light for gender equality worldwide.


WOMEN RULE follows four extraordinary individuals from across the country who carry forward these deep traditions to better their communities, their lands, and the world.   Each faces a radically different challenge.  Yet, they all overcome by drawing upon a shared history of Indigenous women’s power that has always echoed across this land.


Political trailblazer Ruth Buffalo of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, fights for the rights of Native people and vulnerable people across North Dakota as a state representative. Her success, and that of other Native women in all levels of government across the nation, is the long-delayed fulfillment of a destiny that is fundamental to NATIVE AMERICA. 


Betty Osceola of the Miccosukee Nation has dedicated her life to saving her traditional territory, the Everglades, through education and headline-grabbing activism. She uses her deep connection to the land to protect the environment and to drive forward major projects to preserve this place for future generations.

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